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Our People, “Centroees”

We know that when you make your decision to work with a partner you’re selecting the PEOPLE and not the COMPANY. We inspire, our people, “Centroees” like they want to be called, by continuous development making them proud to belong to the Centro big Family. That’s why we motivate and invest so much in creating the best place for them, through a great work environment, job satisfaction, and development opportunities. We are great believers that investing in the people who represent the brand is what yields the highest return. We believe that INNOVATION is not a mere product of technology but rather the brains using that technology.

Centro breathes and lives off of its vibrant community of young expert calibers, where we have a clearly defined culture that’s shared with everyone. Of course having the correct skill sets is a must, but so is having what it takes to change from an employee to a Centroee who lives Centro’s work environment promoting Creativity, Efficiency, Perseverance and Passion in everything they do.

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